Limited Liability Partnership

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority, pursuant to section 125 of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015, hereby authorises the above named relevant business to operate as a Limited Liability Partnership under the title and style;


English Leahy SolicitorsLLP

Philip English
Bill Leahy
Colin Morrissey

Under section 125 of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015(“2015 Act”), a relevant business can apply to the LSRA for authorisation to operate as a limited liability partnership(LLP). In an LLP, that has been properly authorised, each partner will not (as a result of being a partner in the LLP or being held out as a partner in that LLP) be personally liable directly or indirectly for the debts, obligations or liabilities arising in contract, tort or otherwise of:

  • The LLP itself;
  • Himself or herself;
  • Another partner in that LLP;
  • Or any employee, agent or representative of that LLP.